Andrea Perissinotto

riempimenti sentimentali


foto chico con espada


Action and emotion


Diving inside the photography. Beyond the rigidity of the length and width of the picture. Telling stories, frozen in a moment. Pulling out emotions is the aim, at a photographic level, which Andrea Perissinotto pursues. Photographs where the human being and his circumstances, his daily life, are the main aspect of the image.

The series In The Shadows (2008) is explicitly centred in the male portrait. The author drafts his own mythology of heroes and anti-heroes looking for a true space to live, by means of a group of photographs taken to boys, the most of whom are not professional models. A place where all people can express their feelings and live their relationships and desires in an accepted and free way.

The subtle and hidden dictatorship of fashion, consumption and diets, are the main topic in Fashion Possession collection (2006). A series of pictures taken to young girls, following the style of fashion magazines, which include slogans and sentences referring to the possession of the woman’s body, as publicity companies do in order to sell their products. The author outlines an ethic question when he contrasts, on one hand, the celebrated achievements of female independence in the last decades and, on the other, the perennial slaveries –like fashion– with which many women are still bound up. (CONTINUE >>)

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